Biden's plan to supply essentials to all 50 states of the US!!

With President Trump’s slow response in handling the crisis, the coronavirus has now affected over 330 thousand Americans and killed 9600 people. Although a relief package of $2.2 trillion was announced and passed by the President, there is no transparent process on how the funds will be put to use and help the needy. Essential food materials are also taking a hit in transporting them to every part of the country. To solve the issue, the former Vice President laid out a plan to coordinate critical materials for all the states of America.

Here are the highlights from Biden’s plan:

1. The President needs to immediately appoint a Supply Commander so that they can take command of the national supply chain for essential equipment, medications, and protective gear for medical staff.

2. The supply of essential items should be the top priority for the Government as we can no longer leave it to the private sector amid the crisis.

3. The Supply Commander should be proactive in working with every state Governor to determine their needs and coordinate the production and supply needs efficiently.

4. The Supply Commander should also direct the distribution of critical equipment in a case by case manner depending upon the instances at different times in different states.

5. The critical equipment includes ventilators, face shields, lab equipment, testing components, masks, medicines, and other essential materials.

6. Every state should appoint its own Supply Leads to coordinate the distribution in their particular state, especially among the underprivileged population.

7. The Supply Commander should not get buried in the bureaucracy. The persona and post should be transparent and report directly to the President.

8. Commander and Governors should work in tandem to support the National Guard and newly hired/trained US Public Health Corps.

9. The volunteers of the Public Health Corps, along with mobilized AmeriCorps and Peace Corps, should assess the inventory of critical supplies and assist the distribution accordingly.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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