Blame game starts between Congress leaders as Covid package delays!!

Some of the top congressional leaders and the White House officials started to blame each other on Monday after the coronavirus relief package got stalled. This is the latest package to strengthen the US economy from the worst pandemic in history. In a tweet, President Trump claimed that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi are scheduled to meet to fix the deal on the relief package, but the support assistants to both the Democratic leaders said no official from the White House reached out to them as negotiations didn’t conclude. On the other hand, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel of the Republican party accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Schumer for using the economic hardships felt by millions of Americans to pressurize the Trump administration and Senate Republicans to sign the deal.

McConnell claimed, “they think they have the political leverage over the President. That’s the reason Democrats are willing to personally increase the hardships of vulnerable families unless they get a way to criticize the government on matters that are not related to COVID. We Republicans wanted to agree on the things we could agree with, but Democrats said our way or the highway.” The Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer differed with Republican’s claims and said that the White House and top Senate Republicans were the ones who are responsible for the delay and refused to compromise, which led to the inaction of crucial issues like testing, stimulus payments, and educational funding. He further added, “rather than compromise; our Republican counterparts said - ‘Take a hike.’ Quite literally, they said: It’s going to be our way or no way. We are not going to meet you in the middle. The Republican party is so tied in a knot that it can’t agree on anything reasonable. It can only spew the same political speech day after day.”

After two weeks of unsuccessful closed-door discussions, talks between the Democratic leaders and the White House collapsed on Friday with no proper conclusion. It was followed by a series of executive actions by Trump, which were meant to address the crisis. However, Democrats attacked Trump’s actions terming them as ineffectual and legally dubious. “The conclusion is, even if the orders by the President were legal, they are not going to serve what’s needed or even come close to that,” Schumer told reporters at Capitol Hill.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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