It's a neck-and-neck battle with Biden and Bernie Sanders!!

After losing heavily in South Carolina and Super Tuesday primaries, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is drawing a line for a one-on-one race against Joe Biden. From his campaign headquarters in Burlington, Sanders explained the stark difference with the former vice president, who won the Super Tuesday and disrupted the nomination race. With losing more than two-thirds pledged delegates at Super Tuesday primary, Sanders acknowledged that he and Biden would be running neck-and-neck battle for the rest of the primary schedule.

Sanders had some great words for Biden before attacking him. He said - “Biden is somebody I have known for many years. I like Joe. I think he is a very decent human being. It is also worthy enough to know that we have very different voting records and visions for this beautiful country.” Bernie continued further attacking Joe Biden, “What’s with this campaign I think, is increasingly about which side you choose to be. Biden is going to have to explain to the people the union workers in the Midwest why he supported catastrophic trade deals like NAFTA, which cost us millions of good-paying jobs and resulted in a race to the bottom. He needs to answer many things. At a time when half of our population are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet, Joe should explain why he voted for the devastating bankruptcy bill, which benefited the credit card companies.”


A neck-on-neck battle with Biden will be a hard test for Bernie Sanders, who was the party’s clear frontrunner during the first four nominating contests. This is the first time he is finding a significant rival in Biden. On the other hand, Biden struggled through the early primary races and eventually bounced back with commanding victories in South Carolina and Super Tuesday primary with the support of black voters. As the contest is getting closer, it would only be interesting to find out if Sanders can cope up with the momentum of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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