Highlights from Third Democratic Debate

Presidential debates are held to decide the final contestant from both Democratic and Republican parties for the US Presidential elections. Donald Trump is the finalized candidate running for the President from the Republican party in 2020. However, Democrats haven’t concluded their candidate who is taking upon President Trump. In order to decide the final candidate, democratic debates are being held in America for the 2020 US elections. Two democratic debates have already been held one each in June and July. The third debate took place recently on September 12 at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. Candidates have to meet both polling and fundraising criteria by August 28 to participate in the debate. The debate was hosted and aired on ABC News and Univision. Here are some of the highlights from the third Democratic debate:

1) The candidates who qualified for the third Democratic debate were Biden, Booker, Buttigieg, Castro, Harris, Klobuchar, O’Rourke, Sanders, Warren, and Yang.

2) Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren shared the stage for the first time.

3) Interestingly, both Biden and Warren got the highest airtime with 17.4 and 16.5 minutes each.

4) Unlike the first two debates, Biden started the attack right from the start. He took on Warren and Bernie Sanders on health care issues.

5) Biden bashed them for backing “Medicare for All.” Bide said - “his plan Obamacare would cost $740 billion. It doesn’t cost $30 trillion like the way Medicare for All did.

6) Warren agreed to Biden and said, “We all owe a huge debt to President Obama for the transformation of health care in America.”

7) Juliàn Castro, the former Housing and Urban Development Secretary under Obama’s government, accused Biden that his healthcare plan will not cover all the Americans. However, he responded saying the claims were untrue, and it would cover all the Americans, and they don’t have to buy in to be covered by the plan.

8) Protesters disrupted the debate for a brief period.

9) The next topic was Gun control after witnessing multiple gun violence events in America.

10) Joe Biden reiterated the importance of gun control which will decrease gun violence incidents. He also stated about his work previously in 1994 by bringing Brady Bill into law, which mandated federal background checks on firearm purchases.


Click here to know more about Biden’s stand on Gun Control.
Dr. Dhillon Randeep


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