Trump administration fails to release unemployment funds !!

Coronavirus pandemic has spread across 190+ countries worldwide. Every country is trying its level best to contain the spread of the virus. Coronavirus didn’t even spare the United States. Over 69,000 cases are reported in the US, and 1000+ people lost their lives due to the inability to control the virus. President Trump acted very late on necessary measures. As a part of relief works, three states were declared formally as coronavirus disaster areas. However, none of them have received the disaster unemployment assistance and are still waiting for the funds.

California, Washington, and New York are the three states that requested funds to provide aid under disaster declaration and unemployment assistance. Under disaster, unemployment assistance workers will receive 26 weeks’ of unemployment benefits in case of job loss, or the disaster eliminates their job. To receive assistance, a state needs to be declared as a disaster area by the President. Even after the President declared them, the most crucial funds were not made available. Goldman Sachs also estimated that jobless claims across the country went up by more than 2 million in just a week. A justification from one of the senior administration official says that the Trump team is holding down on approving requests for disaster assistance as his administration anticipates Congress will provide similar protections in the package under negotiation. On the other hand, a FEMA spokesperson told POLITICO that all the benefits and assistance funds are currently under review.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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