Migrant kids sues Trump administration for denying relief payments!!

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the destruction of lives and economy for the people of America. The US ranks first in the total number of positive cases, and there is no decrease in the daily positive cases even after three months after the first case was reported. More than 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the past two months. To help the affected and poor people of American, the federal government has announced a $2 trillion Cares Act approved by Congress in March. As per the relief package, every US taxpayers who earn $75,000 will get a one-time benefit of $1200 and an additional $500 for their children.

But there is a catch in the guidelines set by the government. To be eligible, both spouses of the family should file joint tax returns and must have Social Security numbers. Some of the families are left out of the stimulus package due to the above guideline by the government. As a result, a complaint has been registered on Trump’s administration for denying the relief payments as they are married to undocumented immigrants. Additional, a group of seven children, along with their parents states that the guidelines in the relief stimulus violate the children’s constitutional rights. A complaint was filed on Tuesday by the children’s parents who were denied the stimulus cheques in federal court of Greenbelt, Maryland against the US government and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. “The denial to distribute the benefits to US citizen children erodes the actual goal of Cares Act which is meant to assist all the Americans in need. It overrides the efforts of the government who are looking to jumpstart the economy by refusing payments to citizen children based on their parents’ status. This refusal has no valid logic as undocumented immigrants in America collectively pay billions of dollars every year as taxes to the government,” said the complaint. The White House department and the Treasury are yet to respond on this issue.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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