Trump administration starts planning for a Presidential Transition!!

With the 2020 Presidential elections under six months to go, Trump administration started the formal process to plan a potential transition of power if his opponent and former vice president, Joe Biden, wins the election. On Wednesday night, his administration at the White House released a report informing about the transition activities to two of the congressional committees. The report highlights that it has created a transition planning group titled “The White House Transition Coordination Council.” It is the sole authority to advise all the executive departments to prepare for a potential transition and deal with the aspects of power transfer between them both the administrations.

According to the Presidential Transitions Improvements Act of 2015, it is mandatory to establish both groups at least six months ahead of the Presidential election. Former Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman is one of the original co-authors of the act and is the confidant of Joe Biden. Some minor changes were made to the act by the Congress in 2019. The Agency Transition Directors Council is the second panel that primarily deals with the transition process within agencies. They are set to interact in a meeting with the latter group due on May 27. The White House administration also started other activities as per the transition act.

The General Services Administration is all set to conduct meetings with other departments like the Director of National Intelligence, Department of Justice, and the FBI. The meetings with various departments are to ensure the transition process is smooth with all the clearances. If a new President is elected, the outgoing administration will prepare an overall summary on how to deal with the threats of national security, major military operations and any pending decisions for the usage of military force, etc. is provided to the President-elect at the earliest after the results of general elections. This is to ensure the country is not under threat at the time of an administration change. For the time being, the General Services Administration allotted the Commerce Department headquarters in downtown Washington as the transition office space for Democratic nominee, which could be occupied by September 1st. Mary Gibert, who held a position in the Obama-Trump transition in 2016, will again have a crucial position in the 2020 transition process.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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