Despite daily briefings, Trump's approval ratings takes a dip!!

Usually, in times of a national crisis, the President gets significant support from the people of America. But this is not holding up when it comes to President Donald Trump. After facing a backlash from every corner of the political spectrum for his slow response in handling the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump is also facing the heat in his approval ratings. Even at a time of the most significant disruption to the daily life of Americans, President isn’t garnering enough support to tackle the criticism. In a series of new polls released this week, Trump’s approval ratings are steadily fluctuating in the mid-40’s only, somewhat similar to the ratings he received a month ago before the coronavirus destroyed the economic and social activity of the US.

In simpler words, an ordinary American’s view about Trump’s performance during the coronavirus outbreak is the same way they viewed his performance generally since the beginning of his term. This reflects his failure to unite the country even at the time of an outbreak. With the withdrawal of Bernie’s campaign, Biden has emerged as the presumptive Democratic nominee, and it is expected that the coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken by Trump’s administration would play a vital role in the 2020 US elections. Six different pollsters released their new surveys on Wednesday, and Trump’s approval ratings were below 50 percent in all of them.

His ratings ranged between 40 to 45 percent, and each one of them suggested Americans had a mixed opinion on the way Trump reacted and handled the virus situation. Additionally, there was a rise in the percentage approval ratings of those who are critical of Trump’s response. Interestingly, Trump’s low approval ratings during a crisis are against historical precedent. Almost every President dating back to the polling era after World War II, typically see an upward trend in their approval ratings when the country faces emergencies.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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