Joe Biden is the only Democrat who is winning against Trump in latest polls !!!!

President Donald Trump has a piece of bitter-sweet news to start the week. The good news is, Trump is leading comfortably against the majority of the Democratic candidates in the latest polls. This news comes as a massive relief as President Trump is going to face the impeachment voting later this week. The bad news is, Trump’s primary Democratic opponent Joe Biden is still ahead and is only Democratic candidate who is leading the race.

A new IDP/TIPP poll was released on Monday. Former Vice President Biden is leading the poll by five percentage points against Trump. Although Biden is in the lead, Trump cut into Biden’s share in comparison to previous polls released last month. The other two crucial Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are trailing to Trump’s lead. Sanders got 47 percentage points to that of Trump’s 48. Elizabeth Warren is far behind Trump, with just 44 percentage points.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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