Trump threatens to sue campaign manager after his poll numbers slump!!

Along with the number of positive cases of coronavirus, the criticism for President Trump also kept increasing for the way his administration has handled the crisis. On multiple occasions, Trump jumped the gun and gave unproven suggestions to tackle the virus, the latest one being the use of disinfectants. As a result, his poll numbers plummeted for March, which is a rarity for any President handling an emergency. As per the latest AP report, President Donald Trump blasted his top political advisors and campaign manager after they demonstrated him with alarming poll data of crucial states, which showed a further decrease in his numbers.

Trump is fighting for reelection at a time when the country is hit by the deadly virus, which already claimed 61,000 American lives. This is the challenging time for any President to prove his mettle and win the elections, but it looks quite the opposite for Donald Trump. According to the new surveys by Republican National Committee and his campaign team, a distressing picture is looming the President as he prepares himself for the next four years. Trump had some of the best approval ratings in his presidency during the first few weeks of the virus outbreak. However, with growing political criticism and multiple gaffes in the White House press briefing has cost him the ratings. According to five people who are close to the source, Trump reacted with disbelief that he could be losing to a weak candidate in November after knowing about the approval ratings. “I’m not fuc*ing losing to Joe Biden, who is a weak candidate,” he repeated it quite often in his heated argument in a series of conference calls with his campaign officials.

Donald Trump was planning to run his reelection campaign on the strength of America’s economy, which was booming with unprecedented employment opportunities until the virus hit the country. The tables turned upside with the coronavirus outbreak, which resulted in a record number of people losing their jobs. Even under immense pressure, Trump retorted - “We built the greatest economy in the world, and I’ll do it a second time,” in one his press briefings. However, the actual ground reality is far from his claims. As per his approval ratings demonstrated by his team, Trump was trailing the Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden in most of the critical battleground states. It was also informed that Trump would have lost the Electoral College if the election were scheduled to happen earlier this month. To bring back things under control, Trump announced his visit to Arizona, where his team is planning to hold a rally marking the beginning of his campaign for his second term.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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