Twitter & Facebook removes Donald Trump's ad campaign material!!

Facebook wasn't flagging any objectionable content from Donald Trump and his supporting pages until last month. Only after the criticism from the employees and the users, Facebook decided to pull down objectionable content on their platform. On Thursday, Facebook removed political ads that are run as a part of President Trump's election campaign. The ads had a symbol that was used by Nazis in the World War II era to identify prisoners in concentration camps. "Team Trump" Facebook used the red inverted triangle in their ads, which was once referred to as a variation to label Jewish political prisoners.

According to Facebook's spokesperson, the posts and ads by the Team Trump page were removed for violating the company's policies against organized hate. Responding to the issue, he said - "The ads feature the usage of a banned hate group's symbol which is usually used to identify political prisoners." The story was first reported by the Washington Post, which termed the symbol to be condemning dangerous mobs of far-left groups who are destroying the cities by rioting. His campaign called that the symbols are an inverted triangle, which is a symbol of Antifa, the left-wing anti-fascist movement. President Trump often attacked the group during the riots, which spread across the country after the killing of George Floyd in police custody. "The inverted red triangle symbol used in the ad campaign is a symbol used by Antifa. So naturally, it is included in an ad that's about Antifa. We see that Facebook still gives an option to use inverted red triangle emoji, which looks the same as the one we used. So, we are curious why only our ad has been targeted," said Tim Murtaugh, who is Trump's campaign communications director.

A couple of hours later, Twitter also flagged the video tweeted by Trump as per the company's policy. They have added the "Manipulative media" tag to the tweet posted by Donald Trump from his official Twitter account. However, the tweet has already reached a large audience as it presently has over 166K retweets and 350K likes. The video featured a fake CNN chyron, which says "terrified toddler runs from racist baby," and has two children running towards each other. Several media outlets confirmed that the video is an altered version of a previously reported story by CNN. Twitter issued a statement later, "Politicians or any political parties should not be promoting any synthetic or manipulated videos that may cause harm. If such media is shared, we will try our best to label the Tweets informing the users and help them understand about the manipulated media."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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