Trump's former Coast Guard Chief Paul endorses Joe Biden!!

President Donald Trump is gradually conceding the defeat by losing the officials' support with whom he had worked previously. Former Coast Guard Chief, a four-star head in Trump's administration, announced his decision to endorse Joe Biden. He said that it's due to an insurgency on Americans' constitutional rights, which took place under his watch. Retired Admiral Paul Zukunft is one of the 500 former national security officials who signed an open letter questioning Trump's fitness to run the White House. Paul, who stepped down as the Coast Guard's commandant in June 2018, said - "I feel there is an insurgency in the country. If you also noticed it on our constitutional rights, then it is evident that more power is being centralized at the executive level that divided our nation."

He further added, "I am concerned that our constitutional rights are being violated." His comments come a day after Trump hesitated to answer whether he would commit for a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the upcoming election. However, his press secretary tried to cover it up for the President. "Trump will accept the results provided if the elections are free and conducted fairly," Kayleigh McEnany said. Paul also cited the funding for Trump's border wall as an additional reason for his endorsement to the former vice president. He claimed that the shutdown of funding in 2019 to Trump's border wall forced Coast Guard's officials, constituting more than 40,000 people, to work without pay for several months together. The other reason is not giving much of the importance to science and climate change by the President. We all knew how Trump dismissed the scientific claims regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Paul Zukunft says Trump has caused irrevocable damage to the environment with his climate change policies. Along with Paul Zukunft, Paul Selva also signed the letter against President Donald Trump. Paul Selva was the second-highest-ranking officer in the military who served as the vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff until August 2019. Along with these two retired four-star officers, nearly 200 other retired generals and admirals announced their support for the Democratic presidential nominee. They named the group as the National Security Leaders for Biden. It also has former ambassadors, defense secretaries, and many other high-profile Republicans backing Joe Biden to be their next President.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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