Governor Cuomo would be a better candidate than Biden_ President Trump!!

President Donald Trump is battling out two critical issues currently, one being the coronavirus pandemic and the other is his re-election. Due to the slow response in handling the epidemic, the total number of positive cases in the US has crossed the 150 thousand mark, making it the most by any country in the world. On Monday, Trump focussed on the second issue; he said that the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would have been a stronger Democratic opponent in November’s election instead of former Vice President Joe Biden. Andrew Cuomo’s profile was elevated nationally because of his response to the Empire State’s coronavirus outbreak.

Trump is known for beating around the bushes with his usual stir-ups when it comes to targeting the Democratic primary nominees. He said that Andrew Cuomo would pose a difficult matchup against him than the former Vice President. On the other hand, Cuomo is absolutely not interested and is not running for the presidency in the 2020 elections. Speaking on Fox and Friends, Trump said, “I wouldn’t mind running against Andrew Cuomo. I know him for a long time, but to honest, I think Andrew would be a better candidate any day than sleepy Joe.” Trump further continued - “Now, every poll is saying that I’m going to win you say Cuomo’s gotten good marks. But I’ve got great marks on what we’ve done. I received great marks from almost every Democratic governor. We always want to make sure to have a great President who is capable. I personally think Biden isn’t capable of being the President.”

Interestingly, Cuomo dominated the airwaves in the last week, countering Trump’s remarks often on the coronavirus pandemic issue. Biden was holding daily briefings from his Delaware home in the meantime. One more reason for Trump’s love towards Andrew is the fact that #PresidentCuomo trended on Twitter last week, and also his approval ratings skyrocketed amid the crisis.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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