Trump Cuts Down Legal Immigration by up to 65%

President Donald Trump signed a proclamation late Friday evening, which helps in restricting legal immigration into a reality. The order comes into effect from November 3rd and will make things harder for immigrants sponsored by family members. The proclamation says immigrants who do have health insurance are restricted from moving to the US permanently. Researchers roughly estimate that it could stop 375,000 immigrants annually. The estimate was based on the projections of the fiscal year 2017. Trump is known for calling the migration of families to the USA as the chain migration, and on several occasions, Trump has blamed the visa lottery system. Trump has been vocal about the immigration reforms of the USA, he previously tried and failed in implementing the Muslim country immigration ban.

However, the current proclamation could be the most drastic step of all his immigration policies so far. According to the Migration Policy Institute, approximately 34% of the recent green cardholders don’t have insurance. Another 31% have a variety of health care benefits, which eventually don’t count as insurance as per the proclamation. The new rule will have a severe impact on all those individuals who are working in the USA presently and want to move in permanently. The declaration released also is half baked with no clear point mentioning the income levels sufficient to be approved. Almost every company in the USA has a majority of its employees who are immigrants from different parts of the world, and with the new proclamation, they will have to face serious consequences. Former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders have criticized Trump’s proclamation order. We need a President who can understand the demographics of this beautiful country and work for the upliftment but not someone who wants to take us back.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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