President Trump has Lied over 13,000 times while in Office

President Donald Trump has recently completed 1000 days in office on Wednesday, October 17th. The Washington Post has set up a fact-checking dashboard to analyze and track the false claims or statements by the President. To everyone’s surprise, President Trump has made 13,435 lies as on October 9th, his 993rd day in office. That’s an average of 22 lies/claims every single day since he assumed the highest office. The claims tally is increasing at a rapid rate towards the end of his first term. The fact-checking team has seen an uproar over Ukraine-Biden issue and corresponding Trump’s call with Ukraine President on July 25th.

The fact-checking dashboard team created a new category for Ukraine probe, and interestingly over 250 entries have made their way within a few weeks. Trump crossed the 10,000 mark in April 2019, and in the next five months, his tally went up by 3,500 such claims. Here’s the analysis from Washington Post’s fact-checking dashboard:

1. Trump took approximately 12 months to cross his first set of 2,000 false claims.

2. The pace increased to 5,000 from 2000 false claims within just eight months.

3. In the next seven months, Trump clocked approximately 5,000 false claims, which show the fastest increase so far.

4. Initially, he started at a plodding pace until the Border separation policy was enacted. There was a steady jump in lies once the policy was adopted.

5. The number of false claims increased again during the mid-term elections held in October 2018.

6. Mueller’s report and Ukraine - Biden issue were the other significant incidents for his false claims.

7. The highest lie count in a month was recorded as soon as the White House released the phone call with Ukraine President.

8. As many as 218 false claims were recorded on the Border Wall construction issue, highest for any single issue.

9. Trump also claimed that “US economy is the strongest ever” on 200 different occasions, which is entirely untrue.

10. Next in the list is his false claim on “Size of US trade deficit.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden has reacted strongly against the lies of President Donald Trump. He put out a tweet saying, “We’ve got to choose truth over lies — and that starts with getting Donald Trump out of the White House.” Special mention to the Washington Post team for putting incredible efforts and analyzing every false claim of Donald Trump in the past 1000 days. Here’s the link to access their fact-checking dashboard of Trump lies:

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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