Health officials contradict President Trump about the risks of coronavirus!!

President Donald Trump and the health officials from his administration have been contradicting ever since the pandemic hit the country. Americans are in a dilemma due to the difference in opinions by the President and health officials in the White House briefings. Trump's administration also made it difficult for the top health officials to use the White House briefing room to issue public safety messages during the coronavirus crisis. This move has forced them to settle for a different strategy and platform to make public safety announcements. Anthony Fauci, who heads the White House's coronavirus task force, used a panel discussion on the future of health care to warn that the virus is still a significant problem. Fauci's statement contradicts the President's claims that things are getting better in the US.

During the coronavirus task force briefing on reopening the schools, Deborah Birx, the coronavirus response coordinator, wasn't pleased with Trump's assertion that kids and school children are not at all affected by coronavirus. Birx warned that there are no sufficient data to prove the claim by the President. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn also refused to agree with Trump's claim that 99% of all positive coronavirus cases are totally harmless. Hahn clarified, "I'm not going to get into who is right and who is wrong," and asked people to consider the pandemic seriously.

Furthermore, the President also attracted criticism from health experts for his unwarranted advice on the virus. The executive director of the American Public Health Association, Georges Benjamin, said - "Every time he speaks, he undermines everyone, including his people and his own health experts. This is not leadership. What leadership should do is build the groundwork strong enough and allow the scientists to take full control of the crisis in giving health safety messages." However, one of the White House spokespersons denied commenting on the issue. The spokesperson further defended the President, "Trump continues to lead the response right through the pandemic. All his actions are not only to protect the Americans' public health but also to strengthen the economy and workforce. Trump is making sure that we are stronger than ever before."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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