Trump approaches Supreme Court to end Obamacare completely!!

President Donald Trump and his administration are trying every possible way to block Obamacare. On Wednesday, his administration said that they would urge the Supreme Court of America to overturn Obamacare. Trump has always been vocal about the Obamacare health law and tried to repeal it multiple times. He is yet again at it amid the coronavirus pandemic, which will help millions of Americans to depend on its coverage. Trump's team is doubling its efforts even after William Barr; Attorney General warned top officials about the political consequences during the coronavirus emergency.

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) ensures insurance protections at any cost for the sick and prevents being charged anything extra based on the health condition. Two years ago, Democrats promised to safeguard the Obamacare in the House of Representatives and statehouses across the country. Wednesday was the deadline for the Justice Department to change their position on the case put forth by Republican-majority states. However, Trump confirmed that his administration would stand firmly with their decision. "Affordable Health Care is a disaster, but we have made it barely acceptable," Trump told reporters.

On the other hand, the Republican party didn't comment anything on the issue. Presently, Obamacare covers over 20 million people, and the Democrats expect that the health insurance law will play a crucial role during the coronavirus pandemic. The case is expected to be heard by the Supreme Court during its next term in October. However, it's highly uncertain that the decision would be made before the November 3rd elections. Obamacare was upheld in two significant challenges by the Supreme Court. Democrats from the House explained that the pandemic showcased the actually need to preserve the law. In their filing, Democrats wrote, "Even though Congress didn't enact Obamacare amid the pandemic, the nation's current public health emergency clearly makes it impossible to refuse the benefits of affordable health care to millions of Americans."

Democratic presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, criticized Trump for targeting Obamacare. He posted, "You heard it straight from the president himself: He wants to terminate health care for millions of Americans in the middle of a global pandemic. We can't let that happen."

Here's the tweet:

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