Trump claims there is no shortage for PPE kits but Health care workers differ.

On Monday, Trump posted “FAKE NEWS, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!” from his official Twitter handle. However, it looks like he and his administration are also responsible for the same. On multiple occasions in his evening coronavirus press briefings, Trump claimed that his administration took enough measures to overcome the shortages of protective gear for frontline health workers. But the ground reality seems quite the opposite. In a lead story by the Politico website, many hospitals and nursing homes across the country informed that they are still facing shortages in procuring medical masks, gloves, gowns, and other necessary gear. The reporters of Politico spoke to 17 health care workers serving in different parts of the country in the last week.

Some of the health workers agreed to tell the details only on condition of anonymity as hospitals have warned them of firing if they give out their concerns publicly. The workers reveal that medical staff is still facing the issues adapting to the dangerous working conditions with the shortage of protective gear, which is usually direct to other places where it needs the most. Some hospitals suggested the workers to use a single mask throughout the day, which should be used only for a single instance to lower the spread of the virus. They also claimed that some hospitals are forcing them to reuse the masks or MacGyver their own equipment even after four months of the first coronavirus positive case in the United States.

With a close watch on the health workers by the hospitals, they are also being reprimanded if they use protective gear outside the areas of COVID patients. A survey of health workers across the country also points out the same concerns. A large number of workers who are treating infected patients informed that they are worried about the shortages, which include N-95 masks and face shields. Seventy percent of them confirmed that they are resuing the essential gear to save on the supplies. The American Health Care Association, which is the national group for long-term care providers, also claimed that three-fourths of their staff are already running out of PPE kits, and about 60% of the workers still reusing them.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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