Trump terminates head of climate science report of the United States!!

President Donald Trump isn't conceding a defeat despite losing the presidential elections to the former vice president and the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Usually, the transition of the next President takes in January following the results in November. Until that time, the sitting President will continue in the highest office. Taking this as a chance, President Donald Trump is making some headlines for himself amid all the negative news against his defeat. Just a couple of days before Election Day, Trump hinted to sack Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. And now the Trump administration at the White House removed the head of the climate change program, which produces a definitive scientific report for the federal government on climate change issues, as learned from three sources of the White House.

The White House removed Michael Kuperberg, who worked as the executive director of the US Global Change Research Program, the group that produces the National Climate Assessment. The Trump administration's move comes just a few days after Betsy Weatherhead was called to lead the country's climate study. Betsy initially joined the US Geological Survey after her stint at the climate analytics firm Jupiter Intelligence. Leading media outlet POLITICO confirmed the news after receiving an automated reply from Michael Kuperberg's USGCRP (The US Global Research Program) email address indicating that his stint ended on November 6th, and he is moving back to the Energy Department. This is the latest reassignment in the series of high-level personnel moves to terminate officials deemed to be not loyal enough to President Donald Trump after the reelection loss.

On Monday, Trump fired Mark Esper, Defense Secretary of the United States. On Friday, Neil Chatterjee lost his FERC chair after suggesting opening up markets to renewable sources and exploring carbon pricing. The Federal government will have to produce an updated National Climate Assessment to Congress every few years. The USGCRP produces this report after coordinating contributions from 13 government agencies. This is the reason Kuperberg was removed so that the Trump administration can project a clean report.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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