President Trump shares a manipulated video of Joe Biden!!

On Saturday, social media director of the White House, Dan Scavino, shared a video of former Vice President Joe Biden, which says, “We cannot win this re-election, excuse me, we can only re-elect Donald Trump.” The tweet was reshared by President Trump from his official Twitter handle, writing, “I agree with Joe,” which was shared twice by the end of the night.

However, it is later found to be a manipulated video from Dan. The tweet, which now has over 6 million views, cut off the rest of the sentence told by Joe Biden. “We can only re-elect Donald Trump if we get engaged in this circular firing squad here, the former Vice President said speaking to his supporters in Missouri. This was yet another attempt by Biden’s opponents to target his cognitive ability, verbal stumbles, gaffes, and dementia. After a good 24 hours, reports came in saying that Twitter applied its “manipulated media” label to the video. However, the label was not currently showing in the Tweet detail, and the platform is now working to fix it. The report was first shared by Cat Zakrzewski, tech policy reporter of the Washington Post. She wrote, “Just in: Twitter applied its new manipulated media label for the first time to a deceptively edited video of Joe Biden. It was shared by White House social media director Dan Scavino, and retweeted by the president.”

Here’s the tweet:

As per Twitter’s new policy, which came into effect on Thursday, any post which has a photo, video, or audio can be tagged as “manipulated” if they are significantly altered or fabricated. Additionally, Twitter has the right to remove such media if it’s found to cause any severe harm. In some cases, the company will offer additional information and context regarding the video. With elections coming up in just a few months, we may get to see more of such manipulated videos.
Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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