President Trump wants payroll tax cut in the next coronavirus relief package!!

As per three close sources of the White House, President Donald Trump hinted to the Republicans that he is not going to sign a new coronavirus relief package without the inclusion of payroll tax cut. Both Democrats and Republicans are facing challenges in deciding the final relief package. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants a few trillion dollars as the stimulus, while the White House and the Trump administration wants to limit it to under a trillion dollars. As a part of the package, Republicans are willing for a push to overhaul the liability laws, whereas Democrats are nervous about the same. They are insisting on funding from states and local areas for enhanced unemployment benefits.

On the other hand, Trump has been keen on fixing payroll tax for months now, even as the administration of Capitol Hill didn’t give it enough importance. House Democrats and Senate Republicans aren’t interested at all with the proposal and outright rejected it. As per the sources, Vice President Mike Pence asked the House Republicans to advocate for a payroll tax in a conference call. Speaker Nancy Pelosi informed on Thursday that she has been in touch with individual Senate Republicans, but there was no discussion with the Majority Leader and a Republican himself Mitch McConnell. Negotiations on what should be the final package would start next week, as both the chambers will be back into a session followed by the two-week recess.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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