President Trump promotes hydroxychloroquine despite no scientific evidence!!

One of the essential characteristics of any world leader is to quickly learn from their mistakes and do anything to repeat it the next time. However, it looks like President Donald Trump clearly doesn’t fit into this category. Even though he attracted a lot of criticism for hyping hydroxychloroquine as the treatment for coronavirus in the early months of the pandemic, he is at it again. On Tuesday, Trump raised the curtains to promote hydroxychloroquine for the second time as the best treatment to cure COVID-19. Even now, there is no scientific evidence regarding the efficacy of the drug, commonly used to treat malaria.

Speaking in the White House press briefing, Trump asserted - “Many doctors think it is extremely successful, the hydroxychloroquine along with zinc, perhaps the azithromycin. I happen to think that the drug works in the early stages to treat the virus.” This comes from the most powerful man on the planet when at least five rigorous clinical trials have proved that hydroxychloroquine has absolutely no impact in preventing either the mild or severely affected coronavirus cases. He further added, “I think front-line medical people believe that, far too many.” The president didn’t confine it to the press conference alone, he went on tweeting and retweeting a dozen times in defense of hydroxychloroquine as the potential treatment for coronavirus late on Monday.

The news came into limelight after a study by Henry Ford Medical Center suggested that the drug could help mildly ill patients recover faster. President Trump and his trade adviser Peter Navarro touted the research to suggest the usage of the drug. However, health experts were quick to point out that the patients selected for their study were not randomized, and many were on steroids, which are known to help with inflammation. In the whole episode, Trump was adamant about his suggestions. He also reminded the reporters in the press briefing that he had the drug and didn’t have any side effects. “I had no problem, absolutely no problem. Also, it didn’t feel any different. Didn’t feel good, bad, or indifferent, and as you know, the virus didn’t get to me, and hopefully, it’s not going to reach me or hurt anybody.” He also promised to read up a lot about the drug. Even though Trump is promoting the drug heavily, health experts and the FDA clarified that the data proved the inefficiency of hydroxychloroquine to treat the novel coronavirus and could be unsafe to use presently.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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