Trump shifts his decision on masks, says he's open to wearing mask in public!!

After immense criticism from the health experts, political activists, and the common man of the country, President Donald Trump changes his mind on wearing a mask in public. On Wednesday, he said he would have no problem wearing a mask when he is out in public, as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorities to control the coronavirus's spread in the country. In his interview with Fox Business on Wednesday afternoon, Trump said - "I'm all for masks. I think masks are good to use presently." Trump's current statement completely contradicts how he responded just a few weeks back when he said that he generally doesn't prefer to wear a mask in public because he isn't interested, and people are tested for the virus before they are allowed to meet him.

In his interview, he further said that he is open to having a face covering in public appearances. "Actually, I had a mask on recently, and I sort of liked the way I looked," Trump added. It is fascinating to know that the leader of the oldest democracy and the super-power in the world changes his stance within a few days. During a news conference towards the end of May, President Trump had a completely different opinion on the usage of masks. He targeted Jeff Mason, a Reuter’s journalist, for wearing a facial covering and accused him of being politically correct as Trump wasn't wearing a mask at that time. Based on the suggestions by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Republican leaders joined hands with their Democratic counterparts in urging all the American citizens to wear masks whenever they are in public to control the spread of coronavirus.

After refusing to wear a mask during his visit to Mayo Clinic in April, Vice President Mike Pence also started to wear a mask when in public. But Trump is yet to sport a mask in any of his public gatherings. There is only a single photo of Trump with a mask during a private tour to a Ford plant in Michigan. However, the person who took the photograph wants to be anonymous. Reacting to Trump's shift in his decision to wear a mask, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell termed it as a helpful move. "We have all been told by the health experts that the single easiest move we can do while reopening the economy with the coronavirus still very much out there, is to safeguard ourselves and others by wearing a mask," he added.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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