Trump says US has flattened the curve but the cases are still on the rise!!

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that the country has already flattened the coronavirus positive cases curve and is ready to open up the economy is phased manner. He said - “Thanks to the great commitment from the citizens, we as a country have flattened the curve which will help to save a countless number of American lives. The United States is now ready to fight the battle in the next stage, which is very crucial as we go forward. We are safe for a gradual reopening of your economy,” said Trump even at a time when cases and deaths are still on a constant rise.

He further highlighted that country is making great progress and development of new therapies and vaccines is in full flow. “The United States is doing tremendous progress; something great is going to happen soon. I want to talk about it once it’s done. But one thing I can confirm is the progress of the country. Folks at Johnson & Johnson are doing a really fantastic job. New therapies and the development of potential vaccines are at an accelerated rate. Presently. We have 90 clinical trials and hundreds more on the way,” Trump added. All said and done, but the ground reality is entirely opposite to that of Trump’s claims. As per the World Health Organization, several firms are working to develop the coronavirus vaccines, but they are still in the development phase. They will only be available for commercial use at a later time. Not only the vaccines but the confirmed cases in the US are increasing at a constant rate. With 1.2 million cases, the United States has the most number of positive coronavirus cases across the world. The death toll also crossed 72,000 as of Wednesday. In the last 24 hours, the US had over 11,000 new positive cases and 2300 deaths. With all the above numbers, it is safe to assume that Donald Trump’s remarks hold no truth on the ground and if the citizens don’t follow the precautions like social distancing and usage of masks, our country will face many more deaths in the coming days.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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