Trump skips press briefing after criticism for his disinfectant remarks!!

President Donald Trump remarks of injecting a disinfectant or sending light into the human body attracted a lot of criticism both offline and on online mediums. The White House has come to his rescue, stating that President’s comments were ”taken out of context” after the video went viral. On Saturday, President Trump skipped the coronavirus press briefing, which takes place daily at the White House. This might possibly be due to the concerns from his advisors and his close aides from the Republican party that his continuous presence on television is reducing his standing and could also hamper his reelection dream.

Over the past couple of weeks, Trump has found himself giving unnecessary and unproven suggestions on multiple occasions to Americans. This resulted in a decrease in his approval ratings and polls, which is a rarity during a crisis. Every other President has shown a considerable increase in their poll numbers and approval ratings at the time of a crisis except for President Trump. Some of his well-wishers also urged him to reduce the length of his daily press briefings and allow medical experts to provide valuable suggestions. A day after his disinfectant remarks, the Lysol brand took Twitter to clarify the things. They wrote, “Reminder: All the Lysol products should only be used as directed and in line with usage guidelines. As a global leader in health and hygiene products, we must clear that under no circumstances, our disinfectant products should be injected into the human body.”

The following day, Trump tried to fix the issue claiming that he was just sarcastic when he suggested treating the virus with disinfectants. He also posted a tweet from his official handle, which said, “Remember, the Cure can’t be worse than the problem itself. Be careful, be safe, use common sense!”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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