Trump says he might relax tougher FDA vaccine guidelines which will help his re-election!!

With nation-wide polls and his ratings going down every month, President Donald Trump is facing the heat as the election is just under 40 days. Trump and his administration are hoping for the coronavirus vaccine to come out as soon as possible to make a strong comeback against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Trump is ready to take any measure to make the vaccine available before Election Day. On Wednesday, Trump said that the White House might not approve strict FDA guidelines for giving the nod to use the coronavirus vaccines on an emergency basis. “That (stricter guidelines) has to be approved by the White House, and we may or may not approve it,” Trump said.

On multiple occasions, Trump vowed that the vaccine would be out for public use by the end of October, contradicting the well-experienced scientists from his own administration. He further claimed that the revision of the FDA’s decision to revoke the vaccine standards in June “was a political move more than anything else.” According to two close sources, the stricter FDA standards cleared a review by the Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday, and it is expected that the White House would also approve them very soon. Trump announced just hours after he met HHS Secretary Alex Azar about the possible FDA proposal. Trump’s remarks will surely hurt the public confidence as they wait eagerly for the coronavirus vaccine. However, FDA, HHS, and the White House didn’t issue any statement on Azar’s meeting with Trump.

Presently, four vaccines are in the final stage of clinical trials in the country. All four vaccine manufacturers are trying their best to develop an effective vaccine that controls the virus. However, Trump’s constant promise about the arrival of the vaccine is creating a fearful environment among the Americans. While Trump claims it to be available before Election Day, scientists confirmed that the vaccine wouldn’t be ready until late 2020. Most fear that his administration will just rubber-stamp and release the vaccines based on political calculations instead of scientific data with President claims. The polls also showed a decrease in public confidence about a possible vaccine. On the other hand, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn tried to reassure Americans. He said - “I will fight for science and the integrity of the agency. I will put the interests of the American people before anything else.” He also told the senators that “FDA will not approve a vaccine that we are not confident in giving to our families.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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