Trump warns of high mortality rate if schools don't reopen!!

Despite massive criticism from fellow Americans, President Donald Trump still wants the schools to reopen. Even though Trump himself canceled the Republican National Convention keynote events scheduled to take place next month due to coronavirus, he wants the schools to be opened. Trump suggested, "a complete shutdown is never a good strategy; this would ultimately lead to a higher mortality rate in the country." Referring to the Council of Economic Advisers' estimation that more than 5 million parents won't be able to work if their kids are at home, President Trump claimed that the growth of the US economy depends on children going back to school to experience in-person learning. Opening the schools is vital at this point to ensure that parents can go to work and help the families," Trump said during a press conference. He further added - "It's a tremendous problem. Schools need to be opened safely for the smooth running of our economy."

Trump also claimed that he is comfortable to send his grandchildren to school for the next semester. "The government leaders can't stop 50 million American children indefinitely from going to school, which will, in turn, hamper their mental, physical and emotional development," said Trump on Thursday. Trump made the above claims just minutes after the briefing by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which released its delayed guidelines to reopen the schools. The instructions also have checklists to help parents understand whether they are comfortable sending their children to school for an in-person learning experience. In a statement, CDC clarified that very little scientific information is known on how the virus would transmit to children.

Despite several warnings from health experts and CDC, President Donald Trump is adamant in reopening the schools at the earliest. He referred to teachers' as 'essential workers' warning that closing schools for an extended period will be a significant loss for Hispanic and Black children, as more students will go hungry. On the other hand, CDC warned that if there is a virus outbreak at a particular school or just a single positive case, it would eventually force the parents to be out of work and keep their child at home for a two-week quarantine. Furthermore, the agency advised all the parents to get their children vaccinated for the flu and temperature checks every morning. Children should also practice handwashing for their safety, and it should be a fun learning experience.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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