Trump Breaks his Promise To Poor Farmers!!

Donald Trump has tough times ahead of the 2020 elections. With an impeachment order against him, Trump is desperately looking for organizations to support his re-election. However, it seems like a distant dream when the polls are taken into consideration. Joe Biden of the Democratic party is giving some severe contention to the Republican President. Additionally, each of Trump’s false promises during his 2017 election campaign is coming out gradually. The latest one to make it to the list is his promise to support farmers and back them. Trump’s agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue made a shocking statement during a stop in Wisconsin that he is doesn’t know if family dairy farms can survive or not, with the industry moving towards a factory farm model rapidly.

In an appearance at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Sonny Perdue told reporters, “It’s getting hard day by day for farmers to work on smaller herds. In America, we don’t have a guaranteed income or guaranteed profitability for small businesses. Additionally, the big get bigger, and small businesses go out gradually.” Perdue’s put out the comments, possibly at the worst timing. At the time of his visit, Wisconsin dairy farmers are struggling with a host of problems which include, rising suicide rates, declining milk prices, and Trump’s international trade wars. In 2019, Wisconsin lost 551 dairy farms. This is an addition to the 638 lost in 2018 and 465 in 2017. Trump’s opponent Joe Biden has reacted strongly to the false promise made by the President. Biden further added that he would expand opportunities for our farmers — not count them out.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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