Trump makes false claims of Chinese backing for Joe Biden!!

The Coronavirus pandemic has once again proved the inability of President Trump to lead the country. Adding to his vows is Joe Biden, who is surging at a remarkable speed, winning every poll and ratings against the President. This has put Trump under tremendous pressure to gain the momentum back. To affect Biden's campaign, Trump and the fellow Republicans accuse the former vice president as a Chinese favorite. Starting from Trump's Twitter timeline to his fellow Republican speeches at the Republican National Convention, the present talking point is that US intelligence officials are saying that China would be likely to prefer Joe Biden to be the President, and they are trying to help him win.

On August 26th, Trump tweeted, "Just In: Chinese State Media and Leaders of CHINA want Biden to win the US Election." Other Republicans also had similar thoughts. "Beijing Biden is so weak on China that the intelligence community recently confirmed that the Chinese Communist Party favors Biden," said Donald Trump Jr. at the Republican National Convention. Senator Tom Cotton wrote, "Our intelligence community has concluded that China wants Biden to win the election over President Trump's reelection." This looks like a scripted attack on the Democratic presidential nominee to tarnish his election campaign as the intelligence community said there is no such thing. However, national security officials, top counterintelligence official Bill Evanina and multiple sources who have been involved in the underlying intelligence expressed their concerns that Trump and his administration are trying to divert the attention to China from the more acute threat posed by Russia, which is indirectly trying to boost Trump's reelection.

One of the officials involved in the underlying intelligence said - "China is the longer and bigger threat to US national security, but it doesn't pose the most acute threat like Russia does to the 2020 elections." On the other hand, Democrats accused Ratcliffe and Evanina of shifting Russia's efforts with Beijing's to appease the President. Donald Trump wanted to quash any information suggesting that Russia's interference has helped him win the 2016 elections. Additionally, Trump wants his team and fellow Republicans to portray him as a stricter candidate to take on China than the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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