Exposed: Trump's False Claim on Biden About Ukraine Deal!!

The Ukraine deal issue has stormed American politics in the past week. President Trump believes that Joe Biden and his son are responsible for having illegal connections with Ukraine counter-parts. Using his power, President Trump has requested Ukraine President to start the investigation against Trump. The White House has recently released the transcript of their call, and it clearly shows that Trump has brought in the names of Biden during the call. Adding to this, Donald Trump also kept the military aid on hold for Ukraine until the investigation happens. This is a clear abuse of power by President Donald Trump. Democrats complained about the misuse of power by the President to target his political opponent Joe Biden. Congress has heard the uproar from the Democrats and the speaker initiated the impeachment process on President Donald Trump. Trump’s actions of asking a foreign government to influence US politics is against the democratic terms of this great country.

President Trump didn’t stop it even after initiating the impeachment process. He termed it as the Presidential Harassment from his official Twitter account. Trump kept on blaming the journalists who questioned him as paid media. Later he posted a video on his Twitter feed claiming that Biden was illegally involved. However, the very first line of the video is false. Biden’s Press secretary exposed President Trump’s claim with a tweet - “The very first line of this ad is false. The prosecutor was NOT investigating the owner of the company tied to Hunter Biden. That was the problem. That was the reason why Western powers (US, EU, IMF) wanted the guy fired.”

Here’s the link to the tweet:

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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