Trump and Biden fight a fierce battle in Texas state as per the new poll!!

As per the Dallas Morning News/University of Texas poll, both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden locked in a head-on head battle in the race for Texas state. This poll also hints how’s it going to be when both the candidates go for elections in November. The poll shows, Biden and Trump are supported by 43% of the people who took part in the poll. 5% of the remaining went with “others,” and 9% are yet to decide their President in 2021. Trump had a lead over Biden by one-point in a similar survey conducted in February. 45% supported Trump, 44% for Biden, and the rest 11% were didn’t opt for either of them.

Texas was traditionally a Republican-dominated state since 1994. Jimmy Carter’s victory over incumbent Republican Gerald Ford in 1976 was the last time any Democrat had won in the state of Texas during the Presidential election. The latest poll indicates a significant win for Biden and the Democratic party. Texas could well be a swing state which can be snatched away from Republicans if they don’t invest resources to defend their seat. A political scientist at UT-Tyler, Mark Owens, commented that “the fact that Texas can be a battleground in the Presidential elections this November completely depends on Joe Biden.” The ground reality has completely changed since the last survey held in Texas in February. At that time, Trump was the top choice for most of the people who took part in the survey over the existing Democratic nominees. However, since then, Biden swept multiple State primaries, including Texas and Super Tuesday states. Biden also went on to win endorsements from most of his presidential nominee opponents, along with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, which made him the Presumptive Democratic nominee.

There is also more good news for Biden as he leads Trump 43% to that of 28% in the independent voters’ category. This is the segment that Biden and his team hope to lead him to victory. A total of 1183 registered voters took part in the survey conducted between April 18 to 27, and the margin of error is +/- 2.85 percentage points.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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