Twitter tags Trump's post as manipulated media after he shared doctored video of Biden!!

After lagging in every poll against the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, President Trump is finding new ways to hurt Biden's campaign even if it takes to post doctored content. On Wednesday, Trump shared a distorted video of the former vice president, flagged by Twitter later. Although Twitter didn't delete the president's post, it added a manual tag 'manipulated media' to the tweet. This marks yet another instance of the White House and its allies working hand-in-hand to spread misinformation online. The video was a small segment from Biden's speech on Tuesday in Florida. Soon after midnight, Trump retweeted the video where Biden sought to rally Latino voters with celebrity surrogates such as Luis Fonsi.

During the event, Biden began to play "Despacito" after taking the podium, a 2017 hit song by Fonsi. Biden raised his smartphone towards the podium's mic and was bobbing his head in sync with the music. But the doctored video retweeted by the president had the 1988 protest rap, "F-- tha Police" by the hip hop group NWA. In his retweet, Trump wrote - "What is this all about?" accompanying the edited video, which portrayed that Biden attacked America's police officials. He again retweeted the same doctored video later on Wednesday morning, where he wrote, "China is drooling. They can't believe this!" In another instance, Trump also retweeted a different edited video from Biden's speech in Delaware, which focused on climate change.

Before sharing the doctored video, Trump accused Biden of supporting the fund suspension for police departments and being tough on rioters who took part in racial injustice and police brutality protests. However, Biden's campaign has already put out a criminal justice plan suggesting an additional $300 million in police departments' funding. Additionally, Biden also condemned all the violent incidents in various states due to racial protests. The doctored video shared by Trump isn't the first time he was spreading fake news from his favorite social networking site. He has a history of sharing many of them in the past as well. On the other hand, Twitter is following an aggressive approach to tackle the misinformation spread by the president, which violates the platform's policies. Last month, Twitter added a warning label on Trump's tweet, which stated, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts." The platform clarified that the message from the president is violating the platform's policies on glorifying violence. In June, Twitter deleted a post by Trump featuring two toddlers after labeling it as manipulated content.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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