America hits 4 million positive coroanvirus cases!!

The United States on Thursday officially surpassed 4 million positive cases for coronavirus, making it the most affected country in the world. Approximately one-fourth of the four million cases were reported in the last 15 days. The virus spread to 16 million people worldwide, with America ranking first followed by Brazil with 2.4 million cases. The daily rate is increasing rapidly in the country, along with a record number of hospitalizations in various states. The everyday spike in cases signals that the US is far from stopping the spread of the virus, taking a toll on hospitals, labs, citizens, and the economy.

Responding to the news, the dean of the University of Nebraska Medical Center's College of Public Health, Dr. Ali Khan, said - "America has rolled back essentially two months' worth of progress with the rise in the number of cases presently." According to the COVID Tracking Project by the Atlantic group, 59,600 Americans were hospitalized with coronavirus on a single day across the country, falling just 300 short of the highest peak recorded in the mid of April when the virus was in early stages. It took approximately 100 days for the first million cases in the country, starting from January 21 to April 28. The next three million cases came under three months, while the last million cases took just 15 days as per the Johns Hopkins University report. Towards the start of the virus spread, many Covid-19 cases went untreated due to less testing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes that the actual positive total cases will probably be more than ten times the official figures in most parts of the country. Another study also suggests that the US might have had more than 8 million cases in March alone, which went unnoticed.

On the other hand, physicians and other frontline health workers are worried about the rising hospitalizations across the country, especially in hot spots like Florida. As per the Agency for Health Care Administration, only 15% of the state's ICU beds are presently available. At the same time, more than 50 hospitals in the state have used their intensive care units' full capacity. "Any other spike or increase in hospitalizations is going to put our hospital systems in peril," said Dr. Damian Caraballo.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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