We were attacked, this is not just a flu_ President Trump on coronavirus!!

With no effective ways to bring normalcy in the US where the coronavirus hit more than 866,000 and killed over 48,000 Americans, President Trump said that the country was attacked with the virus. Speaking to the reporters in his daily White House news conference, he said - “The US was attacked. This was an attack but wasn’t just the flu, by the way. Nobody living presently has ever seen something like this, 1917 was the last time of this sort.” This was Trump’s response to a question about the increasing national debt, which led to the announcement of trillion dollars emergency relief packages to help businesses and the people in distress.

“We had the greatest economy than any other country in history. Even better than China, better than any place. But we have no choice. Do we have a choice? I’m always concerned about the virus and economy of our great country. We had to fix this problem with the stimulus,” Trump said, referring to roll out of multiple relief packages by the US government. He further added, “We built the entire economy in the last three years since I became the President and then one day, they came, and they said you have to close it. Now, we are going to reopen the economy again, and we will be just as stronger, but to reach that level, we will have to spend some money to get it back open. Along with that, we saved our airlines. We saved many great companies that were having their best year ever. Now all of a sudden, they are totally shut and out of the markets. We will have to help them.”

Although Trump has been making loud announcements in controlling the spread of the virus, the reality looks quite different. On Wednesday alone, approximately 30,000 new positive cases were registered, with 2,300 Americans losing their lives due to the infection.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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