Vice Presidential Debate Highlights_ Harris attacks Trump over COVID during the debate.

Vice President Mike Pence and the Democratic vice presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris faced for the first and only debate just ahead of Election Day on November 3rd. While the debate was less dramatic than the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, they have had their fair share of arguments on issues ranging from trade, coronavirus pandemic, healthcare, etc. The debate stage was completely rehauled after the news that President Trump and his close aides tested positive for coronavirus. The candidates were seated 12 feet apart, separated by thick plexiglass with social distancing and mandatory mask rules for all the audience members.

Senator Kamala Harris created a landmark moment in the history of US politics, as she took the stage to become the first African American and Indian-origin woman to take part in an election debate. Moderator Susan Page suggested the candidates be polite and continue the discussion civilly. Senator Kamala Harris started the debate ripping apart President Trump's irresponsible way of handling the pandemic. She termed it as the "greatest failure by any presidential administration," because we lost 210 thousand Americans. She also suggested if it were the Biden administration, then it would focus on "contact tracing, testing, administration of the vaccine in a transparent manner and will make sure every American gets the vaccine for free." Harris also targeted Mike Pence for not informing the Americans about the virus's threat early on in January instead of in March. She blamed him for not executing the plan to contain the spread of the virus as the head of the White House coronavirus task force.

Although Pence tried to cover up the blame, he couldn't answer why America had over 200 thousand deaths due to the virus, which is the highest across the world. Susan Page was blunt in asking why Covid-19 precautions like social distancing and masks were not followed at the Rose Garden event. She doubled it up by asking, "when the administration itself doesn't follow, why would other Americans follow them?" Vice President Mike Pence tried to defend the super spreader Rose Garden event. He denied that it was a super spreader event, although most of them tested positive from the event, including the President and the First Lady. Pence termed it as a great deal of speculation. The debate then turned towards the presidential candidates' age as both would be the oldest serving President of the United States in January 2021.

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