Highlights from Ninth Democratic Debate!!

The top candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination gathered on a debate stage Wednesday night, just days before the critical Nevada caucuses.


Elizabeth Warren

what a debate for the Massachusetts senator. From the jump, Warren gave the impression to understand that she desperately needed a spark within the race. and he or she came out fighting -- mostly against Bloomberg. "I'd wish to mention who we're running against," Warren said moments into the talk. " A billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians, and no I'm not talking about Donald Trump, I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg." But that wasn't even the most savage hit Warren scored on Bloomberg! That came later when she absolutely destroyed his equivocation on whether he would release women who had worked for his company from non-disclosure agreements that they had signed. it had been a takedown -- aided by Bloomberg's inability to mitigate the damage -- that you simply rarely see at this level of politics. If debates matter, Warren should overperform her current polls in Nevada.

Joe Biden

Warren giving Bloomberg the emperor-has-no-clothes treatment will slow the previous new york City mayor's plan to seize control of the pragmatic centrist lane. That's excellent news for both Buttigieg and Biden, who want/need to be that candidate. Biden, a hugely mediocre debater, turned in one among his more solid performances on Wednesday night but that was due, in no small part, to the actual fact that everybody else on the stage ignored him. Buttigieg is, without question, the foremost naturally gifted debater within the Democratic field, meaning he's simply not getting to turn during a clunker. He was steady if not spectacular during this debate. And he spent countless time going at Sanders, a transparent effort to send a symbol to voters that he's the foremost credible alternative to the Vermont senator.



Michael Bloomberg


The first hour of the controversy was an absolute and total disaster for the previous mayor. He looked lost occasionally -- and people were the simplest times for him! Warren dunked on him repeatedly. Sanders slammed him. Biden bashed him. it had been like watching a professional match where everyone decided to group on one wrestler within the ring -- which wrestler was totally and completely caught off-guard. Bloomberg remains very, very rich -- and can still spend his money on the race. So he is not departing. But it's hard to check how the momentum Bloomberg had built through his heavy ad spending wasn't slowed considerably by a performance that slid waaaaay under what was a really low bar of expectations.

Amy Klobuchar

The Minnesota senator has been one among the simplest debaters within the race so far. Not on Wednesday night. Klobuchar's authenticity has been in the middle of her rise lately but it all seemed too hokey and too forced this point around. Klobuchar had to understand she was getting to get an issue about why she couldn't remember the name of the Mexican President, but she still had to seem down at her notes to urge the name right! And her follow-up little bit of trivia about the number of individuals within the Israeli parliament fell totally flat too. Just not her night.

With the ninth Democratic debate, the presidential race to choose the opponent of Donald Trump has entered into the final stage. There are only two more Democratic debates scheduled after this. Ninth Dem debate is hosted by NBC News and MSNBC in partnership with Nevada Independent at Paris Las Vegas in Paradise, Nevada. Three candidates Yang, Bennet, and Patrick, who took part in the eighth Democratic debate, suspended their campaigns and are now not a part of this debate. The candidates who qualified and participated in the ninth Democratic debate include Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, and Warren. Interestingly, billionaire Bloomberg qualified just a day earlier to the debate.

Here are the highlights from the debate:

1) All the candidates spoke for more than 13 minutes on average, with Elizabeth Warren having the highest airtime of 16.8 minutes.

2) Warren targeted Bloomberg for his resurfaced derogatory comments on women and called out to revoke the non-disclosure agreements he signed with several of his company’s female employees over workplace sexual harassment and discrimination.

3) Biden also joined Warren and referred the controversial program, which disproportionately aimed racial minorities as “a violation of every right people have.”

4) Moderator Lester Holt brought up the issue of Bernie Sanders’s electability From the recent NBC News poll, which showed that two-thirds of American voters would not be comfortable with a socialist presidential candidate.

5) Billionaire Bloomberg also attacked Sanders over his advocacy of democratic socialism by comparing it to communism. Sanders dismissed it as a cheap shot.

6) Buttigieg termed both Sanders and Bloomberg as polarizing figures who would be responsible for dividing the party if anyone of them receives the nomination.

7) In the recent criticism by the Culinary Workers Union on Sanders’s Medicare for All, Healthcare policy was also discussed by the candidates.

8) In reply, Sanders defended his policy by saying that it would expand rather than take away the benefits.

9) The Democratic debate reached a total of 19.7 million viewers on NBC and MSNBC networks. This marks it as the most-watched Democratic primary debate of all time.

10) In the post-analysis of the Democratic debate, several media outlets regarded Bloomberg as the poorly performed candidate of the debate.

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